Google Ads is a platform created by Google (originally named Google AdWords) for putting up text advertisements, product listings, service listings, mobile app installs and video ads. This digital platform allows business owners to place ads on a local, national or even global level.

Various  Digital Marketing Agency in Pune, work exclusively on Google Ads. This service offering by Google has revolutionized the way we advertise. Even though a lot of traditional mediums such as newspapers, billboards and flyers are still utilized by businessmen, Google Ads has shown steady growth in the last decade.

Why should I use Google Ads?

In traditional advertising set up, an ad is displayed to anyone and everyone.

Let’s take an example:

If I place an ad about “DSLR Cameras”  on the front page of the newspaper, everyone who subscribes to the newspaper will read my ad.

But not all subscribers of this newspaper are photography enthusiasts, so a huge chunk of my ad-spend is wasted on a demographic that is not my target population.

Now, this is where Google Ads is different. Google Ads will display my ad only to those who search for particular keywords that I have targeted, such as, Cameras, DSLR Cameras, low-budget DSLR Cameras.

Thus, showing my ad only to a relevant audience, which is probably ready to take action on the basis of this search.

Digital marketing company in Pune also call Google Ads as “Paid Search”. Since the entire mechanism of Google Ads is based on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Therefore, it is better to use Google Ads to maximize your Ad-Spend ROI.

How to get started with Google Ads: Beginners Guide

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